Client: Des Sources Alfa Romeo - Type: Car Dealership



  • Started from 0 and surpassed all local pages in first 30 days - followers, reach, AND engagement
  • Outperforms the national page on all post metrics after 60 days
  • 10x more weekly engagement than the official national page
  • On pace to surpass the national page's followers in 1 year
  • Created multiple highly targeted audiences of over 500,000 people that we now promote to Consistently reach between 20,000 and 50,000 targeted people in single posts


  • Create a new Facebook page for the new Alfa Romeo Car dealership in Montreal
  • Surpass the follower count, reach, and engagement among competing Alfa Romeo pages
  • and dealerships in Montreal and surrounding cities in under 6 months.
  •  Develop awareness campaigns that reach over 20,000 targeted people in a single post
  •  Develop new highly optimized custom audiences in the luxury car market for promotions


2017 new objectives: Full scale lead campaign with leads under $15 each

Responsibilities: 100% page management, including ad creatives, and promotions


Outperforming all local Alfa Romeo pages, and even the national page on most metrics.


High performing post we created


Vs. popular recent post on National page


Client: Des Sources Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep Fiat - Type: Car Dealership


-Took page from nearly inactive to most engaged local car dealership -Grew page to over 7000 followers
-Got weekly posts to 1 and 2 cent engagements (lowest in industry) -Got leads as low as $4 per lead ( way below industry average)

- Revive nearly inactive facebook page
- grow page to over 5000 followers i n 12 months
- Get posts at under 5 cents cost per engagement - Get leads for under $15 per lead



Client: Kampai Garden - Type: Large Resto Bar in Montreal with Chef Antonio Park


  • Became the fastest growing restaurant/bar page in one of Canada’s biggest cities. 0 to 17,802
  • loyal followers since November, 2016 (under 6 months, and nearly doubled the objective)
  • Has been featured in nearly every major local blog and newspaper
  • Has posts with more engagement than any restaurant/bar page in the city (Montreal is a huge bar
  • city, and this page is #1)
  • Page verified by Facebook (the blue checkmark) in month 2 (rare)
  • Attained posts with 1 cent per engagement


  • To build a page from scratch that surpasses 10,000 followers in the first 12 months.
  • To get social media posts featured by major blogs , and media outlets.
  • To create high demand, and fill out reservation spots weeks in advance
  • Get verified by Facebook
  • Get posts at under 5 cents cost per engagement




Post reached over 125,000 people , 3200 likes and 222 comments .
There are no restaurant and bar pages in the Montreal that compare to these results. Arguable one of the best restaurant/pages in all of Canada.
If you find a better one, please let me us know!