Maxy Media is a leading performance-based social media agency specializing in Facebook ads and lead generation.

Implementing digital marketing strategies that are customized to fit each client's needs, Maxy Media combines the most effective marketing techniques used in today's digital sphere to ensure the success of every client.

The world of digital marketing is our playground.

Come join us.


Creativity is the most precious resource at Maxy Media

Employing innovative techniques developed to expand on your current target market, we have mastered Facebook algorithms that routinely attain top quality results. Through a combination of data analytics, audience development, pattern recognition, scaling techniques and laser targeted content creation, we are devoted to delivering an exceptional standard.

A carefully curated team of creative minds skilled in thinking outside-the-box,  our talents are used to present clients with the engagement and results that they strive to achieve.

We know you've worked hard to build your target audience.

We're here to grow it exponentially.

“The best story is my own in which my partner Max dropped my lead cost from $12.00 to $2.00 per lead in a highly competitive fitness market. All metrics stayed the same except that the lead cost was driven down dramatically.”
— Mark Lachance, CEO